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English Horn reeds

Basic measurements

In response to numerous requests, I have listed below several basic measurements of my English Horn reeds. Of course, each piece of cane is different, so measurements my vary slightly from reed to reed. I have never used wires to control the openings because I believe that a good gouge, mindful scraping and side rails will control the opening and allow the reed to vibrate properly. 


English Horn Reed Measurements 

Gouge Thickness                                                 70 mm (middle)


Shape                                                                      RDG #1

Tied length                                                             61 mm (59 for Mimi shape)

Finished length                                                     56 – 57 mm

Top of heart/blend                                                53 - 54 mm

Length of heart                                                      9 - 10 mm

Length of center of tip                                         3 mm

Length of tip at sides                                            4 – 5 mm

Length of back                                                       12 – 13 mm

Length of Bark from string                                 4 – 5 mm

Thickness of heart                                                 52 – 53 mm

(measured halfway between top of heart/blend

and back of heart & halfway between spine & side rails)

Thickness of Blend                                                 50 mm

(between heart & tip) 

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